What to expect on your first Strip Club Visit

What to expect on your first Strip Club Visit 

In a few days you are looking forward to your first strip club visits.  Are you nervous?  Don't be.  First timers can have a really good time and create a memorable experience, especially if you are going with a group of friends because you finally became of age.  So what should you expect on your first visit?  We're here to give you some pointers and break down what to expect from the moment you park at your first strip club visit.

Dress nice:

Many clubs have a dress code.  Like many restaurants, strip clubs have a no shoes- no shirt -no service policy.  This doesn’t mean you can show up with flip flops and a tank top.  It really depends on the strip club.  But to be safe wear closed toe shoes and a nice shirt.  Jeans are acceptable at most clubs, maybe not at the most fanciest clubs.  You can always call first. 

Upon your first visit, expect to pay for parking and cover.  Some clubs offer free parking, so be nice and tip your valet.


How much money should I bring?

This really depends on what you want to do.  Do you like to sit at the bar, at a table, by the stage or do you want exclusive VIP service?  Why does this matter?  Well if you sit at a bar and table you are expected to buy drinks.  You can run a tab or pay as you go.  In these sections the entertainers will usually parade themselves by you to see if they can catch your attention for a table dance.  Table dances are done right in front of you, and are usually "shared" with other customers who are nearby and can see your chosen girl as she dances for you.  Table Dances can range from $5 to $20 per dance.  Private dances are exclusive only to you.  You may be taken back to a small semi-private room where you get to sit at a comfortable couch as your private dancer dances only for you.  These dances are more expensive and can range from $20-$40 each. 

If you sit by the stage and are watching the rotation of girls, expect to carry a bunch of singles.  Guys who sit on the stage are expected to tip singles as they get to enjoy a close view of the rotation of girls who get called up to dance on stage by the DJ.

VIP seating

Many clubs offer VIP seating.  These are special sections on the club that offer better views and more comfortable seating along with a VIP host.  VIP seating usually requires a bottle purchase or a minimum spend of $250 and up.  Depending on the party size and location of seating.   This can be a great experience to have with a group of friends.

Semi Private Suites

Unlike VIP seating, Private Suites, of famously known as "Champagne Rooms" are just that, private.  They are usually themed and cut off from the rest of the club.  These rooms are used to get some semi-private time with the entertainer(s) of your choice.   These rooms are usually rented, some may include beverages, or champagne some do not.  Make sure you ask your server if this room includes beverages.  You should also ask how much it cost for the exotic entertainer to accompany you in this room.  

If you run out of cash, many clubs have ATM machines, but expect to pay up to $10 for a withdrawal.  Now that you know what to expect, grab your debit card and go have a good time!